August, 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit comes in handy entertaining grandchildren!

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-9-19-41-pmKind of has become our tradition.  I have three grands (of 14) that live relatively close.  So when school i s out we do adventures or just stay home and play!  The week of Thanksgiving they were all out for the holiday so I invited them over.  Austin is 11,  Josselyn is 9 and Sylvie is 8.  Austin was busy playing with his helicopter while we girls were making cards.

Looking through my stash of Paper Pumpkins I found August, 2016 perfect for the girls.  They had so much fun putting together the three cards.  We used a You Tube Video made by Kara Kolby from  It was great for the girls.  I set up my lap top in front of us and we watch it step by step as we did our stopping the video when we needed time to play…. Here is the first card finished!


This is a cute idea.    A little card inside a nice envelope and decorated at the to with a clothespin, burlap and a die cut.


All I provided (that wasn’t in the kit) were scissors, SNAIL, Stamping Blocks, and I did use my bigger Ink Pads thinking it would be easier for the girls.  But mini ink pads come in the kit!


They loved the stamping,  taping, and we had some laughs while we did it.  So much fun.  8 and 9 year olds are a perfect age for most of the Paper Pumpkin Products!  They were so proud of their final product.  I loved how carefully they stamped and how carefully they both followed instructions!


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