Big Shot Breakdown! and put back together….


So you may be wondering where I have been for the past week and half or so.  Okay…it is a long story and the above picture is a big part of it.  I started a project with lots of little die cut parts, 50 0f them to be exact.  It was a project that I was putting together for my coworkers.  Well, I kind of got side tracked.

Since so many of you have Big Shots I thought I would share my story and I am sorry that I didn’t take pictures along the way.  First of all my Big Shot has been lagging in its efficiency over the past few months.  It is over 8 years old, used and abused.  Lately it has been skipping and like the gears are skipping.  So I check with You Tube which really wasn’t very helpful, but one day I was so frustrated that I quit stamping for several days.  (also had three grands for those several days).  Then when I had a few minutes I looked it over, could not see anything wrong with it.  but noticed the lower roller bar I could see had little pieces of frayed paper struck to it in places.  Ah Ha!!! I had found the problem.

Tried to clean the roller from the outside, had to use fingers and paint thinner on a rag and got some of the paper off but it seemed the more I took off the more was on it.  So I turned it upside down and tons of little ragged pieces of paper fell out.  That is when I took the matter (Ahemmm The Big Shot) into my own hands.

Gathered screw drivers of all sizes and descriptions, and began to disassemble my Big Shot.  Much, much easier said than done.  First the handle had to come off with an Allen wrench-I had been smart-I had taped the wrench I needed to the bottom of the Big Shot when I put the handle on it!  Didn’t even know it until I turned it over!

No….that didn’t do a thing but remove the handle.  I needed to get into the bottom.  14 screws of varying sizes and lengths later I began to disassemble my Big Shot.  I realized that the sides were kind of attached by little projections in the plastic to hold it all together.  By gentle persuasion I removed one side and ….***OH NO**** it fell into a million pieces on my desk as you see in the picture!!!  How was I going to get this all back together?

However, I had to clean each dusty, paper filled part before I put it back together.  There were even little pieces of  card stock inside there that had come out of some project or other that I had die cut.  I found the biggest problem was a couple of years ago I added a shim of four sheets of typing paper taped well to the bottom of my magnetic platform.  It had deteriorated over time into shaggy, bits of ragged paper and had fallen down into the lower part of the Big Shot.

Yes, I did get it back together as really, it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared.  It is almost like new, it is quiet again, does not skip and as soon as I have time I will be card making and blogging again!

I will think long and hard about taking it apart in the future but it really was worth it.  Mr. Big Shot and I have been through some pretty tough times together and I was not quite ready to part with him just yet.  He has a few more years left in him I think….. Happy Card Marking!  Until I am back blogging again!

5 thoughts on “Big Shot Breakdown! and put back together….

  1. Beth, I am truly amazed at your talents! You are braver than I would be in that situation. I think I would have been ordering a new one and gotten next day delivery. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are up and running again soon!


  2. Oh wow…I think that if mine fell into a million pieces on my desk I probably would have brushed them into the trash can and been off to order a new one! Glad to find out that it wasn’t that difficult to put back together. I’ll be heading up north with my Big Shot pieces in my hands if this ever happens to me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    • Amy it was worth it and the few days it took me to get up the courage to put it back together! It almost takes two hands to get it together but with persistence it can be done! Forgot to mention I got out my sewing machine oil and put a drop on all the moving parts before reassembling it.


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